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The Skin We're In

Despite What You May Have Heard, Oil Is the Key to Healthy Skin 

Justin Letschert

Founder & Director, Bio-Oil 

As research attests, oil-based skincare has been proven time and again to naturally boost and support healthy skin.

There are longstanding misconceptions surrounding the use of oil in skincare — mainly that oil can block pores and cause acne breakouts, or that an oily face is often associated with being unclean. 

The truth is that there are many impressive benefits of using oil, and it’s critical to maintain healthy, vibrant skin. Oil is a natural part of our skin’s makeup — and applying oil after washing one’s face supplements the skin’s natural oil layer to better hold in moisture. 

Skin cells are continuously regenerating through millions of biochemical reactions. To do so successfully, they require enzymes that can only exist in the presence of moisture. That’s why oil is so essential — it creates an invisible layer on the skin’s surface that locks in moisture. 

Science-backed and tested

Products that use oil don’t have to be messy or greasy. With the right formula, oil goes on effortlessly, provides significant relief, and locks in moisture all day long. Since skin is lipophilic (oil-loving), oils get naturally absorbed into the skin and so do added active ingredients — making it easier to fully benefit from them.

A world leader in oil-based skincare technology, Bio-Oil is a dedicated research company that has spent the last 37 years studying how oil can be used to enhance the performance of products. 

“Our formulas are a manifestation of the research we do,” says Justin Letschert, Founder and Director of Bio-Oil. “We have a dedicated oils research laboratory and are committed to only launching products that are significantly better than what is currently available.” 

We have a deep understanding of how and why oils work and in which situations. Each oil is a standout ingredient. It’s the power of nature.

Through this research, the company created four high-calibre products, each containing carefully selected, extraordinary oil ingredients that have been extensively tested. 

Look and feel healthy

Oil has a remarkable ability to improve the look of scars, stretch marks, and aging skin. It can also resolve dry skin, improve uneven skin tones, and reduce moisture loss. 

The Bio-Oil Skincare Oil contains a mixture of vitamins and plant extracts, and the Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel contains about 60 per cent more oil than average skin-moisturizing products. The Bio-Oil Skincare Oil (Natural) is an all-natural formulation, and the Bio-Oil Body Lotion has a pioneering shake-before-use technology that allows the consistency to both be ultralight and to also contain exceptionally high levels of oil. 

 “We have a deep understanding of how and why oils work and in which situations,” explains Letschert. “Each oil is a standout ingredient. It’s the power of nature.” 

Find Bio-Oil at your local drugstore or on Amazon, and visit to learn more. 

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