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Winter Skin

Q&A with Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari headshot

Kristin Cavallari

Bestselling Author and Founder of Uncommon Beauty

Mediaplanet met with founder of Uncommon Beauty and bestselling author, Kristin Cavallari to talk about skin-care.


Uncommon Beauty aims to create fewer but higher-performing products — with that in mind, can you speak to why a simple and effective skin-care routine is central to the brand

The No. 1 question I’ve always gotten is about my skin-care routine, and I never really thought much of it. I didn’t know a whole lot about skin care other than what I’ve picked up over the years because skin has been important to me, but as far as the labs go and the formulations, I knew nothing about it.

I started talking to a couple of different labs and picking their brains. I found the products I was using at the time, and I sent them off to get tested to see if they were relatively clean, as they were supposed to be these high-end products. They came back, and they were full of all these chemicals and additives, and they were doing the opposite of what we want them to be doing, which was aging us. We sit there and put these products on our skin thinking that we’re doing the anti-aging stuff, thinking it’s really good for us when in reality, it’s doing the opposite. It was really alarming to me. With the clean skin care and clean makeup world, it’s interesting because you can say that you are a clean brand when really you’re not, at least not up to my standards, so I felt like there was a real need for a line that was actually clean that was still effective.

I’m all about simplifying everything in my life, and I wanted to just do our core products — which we have five — instead of using 20 products every morning and night. These are just the basics that do everything you need. The underlying theme among the Uncommon Beauty products is that they’re super hydrating, which is really what helps the anti-aging process.


How does your skin-care routine change in the winter months and changing seasons in general?

The winter is all about maximum hydration. For a long time, I was really scared of moisturizers and putting these products on my skin because I was prone to breakouts, and I still actually am. Even though I’m 35, I still get breakouts, which drives me crazy because I was always told that would end when you turn 30, but that was not the case for me. So I’m super sensitive to that stuff, and I love the daily water cream because I can load it on without it clogging my pores, yet it still gives you that perfect hydration.

You also don’t want to over-wash your face. For example, I only wash my face at night and don’t wash it in the morning — which also helps stop drying out my skin in the winter.


What advice would you give someone who doesn’t know where to start in their skin-care routine?

Start with the basics. I don’t think you necessarily need all the fun products. I would start with the great basics, including a great face wash, a good eye cream, and a good moisturizer. Then maybe if you wanted to add one more slightly elevated product, I’d suggest our Pineapple Peptide Nectar so that you can get a little boost in there. Overall, don’t listen to the noise. You don’t need 20 products; you can have just a couple of products that really are effective and do everything you need.

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