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A few months ago, Precious Moments Babeez was contacted by a new mother who suffered from a severe anxiety disorder and couldn’t find the help she needed.

“When she learned about the intense qualifications of our specially trained support workers, she trusted us,” recalls Virginia Collins, the company’s director of education. “With the proper help, the woman’s anxiety eased.” This woman was just one of many expectant and new parents who have benefitted from the services of perinatal support workers (PNSWs).

PNSWs are professional educators and caregivers for new and expecting parents. They are unique in that they are also graduates of recognized personal support worker programs. “Their advanced PNSW training allows them to also help people with disabilities and other special needs during their reproductive years.” says Debbie Fazio, CEO and founder of Precious Moments Babeez, a team of PNSWs, registered nurses, doulas, night nannies, and sleep consultants.

Parenting is a journey that was never meant to be handled alone.

Debbie Fazio, CEO & Founder of Precious Moments Babeez

Before entering the practicum, prospective PNSWs must become members of the Ontario Personal Support Workers Association which guarantees police checks and liability insurance, among other things. This is just one of the things that sets the PNSW apart from other support workers such as doulas and laypersons who are not part of the healthcare profession.

New and expectant parents should be mindful when it comes to getting professional support. There is no question great support is out there when they need it. “For thousands of years, new parents were educated and supported by family, friends and their community,” says Fazio. “Parenting is a journey that was never meant to be handled alone.”

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