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Healthy Aging and Connected Living

Nancy Greene Raine with skis
Nancy Greene Raine with skis

‘Aging gracefully’ isn’t all about looks — remaining socially connected to your family, friends, and community has been proven to improve both mind and memory as you age. Read Healthy Aging and Connected Living for the information about travel, nutrition, vaccinations, and mental and physical health that can help you stay sharp.

Nancy Greene Raine Isn’t About to Slow Down — Here’s Why

Nancy Greene Raine — Olympic skiing champion and former Canadian senator — gives insight on how age has never slowed her down.

Arthritis Is Not Inevitable

Aging’ doesn’t have to mean ‘arthritis’: while the risk of getting it does increase with age, its effects are not an inevitable part of getting older.

Travel Made Easy with Senior Discovery Tours

Senior Discovery Tours takes care of all your travel details, from flights to tips, so all you have to do is enjoy our beautiful world.

In an Emergency Situation, Every Second Counts

In an emergency, every second counts. Learn how MedicAlert Foundation Canada is saving the lives of everyday Canadians with their health care services.

How Much Do You Know About Pneumonia?

You may know that pneumonia is an infection of the lungs with a range of causes, but is that enough to make you take action?

Vitamin T: Travel Improves Quality of Life

Exotic travel helps seniors be active and enjoy connected living, and it comes with some impressive health benefits, both physical and otherwise.

Heart to Home Meals Brings Nutrition to Seniors

Learn about the dietary changes your body needs as you age, and how Heart to Home Meals helps seniors by delivering nutritious meals to their homes.

Frailty: The New Buzzword in Aging Research

Frailty doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of aging — there are many steps we can take to avoid it, such as the “AVOID” acronym.

How Will You Be Your Healthiest in Retirement?

Want to have a healthy retirement? Read about the tips and tools that can help ensure you enter you later years happily and gracefully.

Staying Connected — Socially

Good health is related to social connectedness, so it’s important for seniors to stay socially connected and have a sense of belonging in their community.

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