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Managing Diabetes

Family having a picnic
Family having a picnic

Do you have diabetes, or do you care for someone who does? Read Managing Diabetes to learn how to manage and support the condition, and how to find the best tools for maximized quality of life.

Anthony Anderson: Diabetes Can Be Anyone’s Disease

Anthony Anderson, comedian and star of Black-ish, opens up about his experience managing diabetes and offers advice for others living with the condition.

Technology Is an Important Tool for Managing Diabetes

Learn how the right technology can help people with diabetes better manage their disease and increase their quality of life.

Take Control of Your Diabetes with These 7 Tips

The right lifestyle choices and technology can empower people with diabetes to make informed and accurate decisions about their disease.

How Diabetes Tech Keeps Bobby Umar at Top Speed

Learn how Bobby Umar — best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and top social media influencer — does it all, while keeping his type 2 diabetes under control.

Taming the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

If you have diabetes, you should try to keep your blood glucose as close to target range as possible to prevent complications. Learn how.

How the Right Glucose Meter Helped This Woman Live Her Best Life

Freda Labianca was no stranger to diabetes, but when the busy mom and blogger was diagnosed with it herself 11 years ago, it still came as a shock.

Diabetes Hasn’t Stopped Max Domi from Achieving His Dreams

Living with diabetes doesn’t have to impact your life — take it from professional hockey player Max Domi. Learn how he self-manages his Type 1 diabetes.

Technology is the Future of Diabetes Management

Exercising when you have diabetes isn’t easy. New technologies are allowing individuals to keep better track of their blood sugar levels.

Diabetes Management Depends on Modern Technology and Accuracy

New technology makes it easier than ever to manage your diabetes and help you monitor your blood sugar levels — take it from MMA fighter Dessi Zaharieva.

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La technologie : L’avenir de la gestion du diabète

Faire de l’exercice lorsque vous souffrez de diabète n’est pas facile. Les nouvelles technologies permettent aux individus de mieux suivre leur glycémie.

Le diabète n’a pas empêché Max Domi de réaliser ses rêves

Vivre avec le diabète ne doit pas nécessairement avoir un impact sur votre vie — prenez-le de la part du joueur de hockey professionnel Max Domi.

Conquérir le monde avec le diabète

Avoir un mode de vie actif constitue un défi pour les personnes diabétiques. En leur permettant de mieux contrôler leur glycémie, la technologie aide les patients à atteindre leurs objectifs… à petite ou à grande échelle!

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