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Integrative Health and Nutrition

A bowl filled with nutrient rich foods placed in the middle of a stethoscope and dumbell
A bowl filled with nutrient rich foods placed in the middle of a stethoscope and dumbell

Complimentary methods have increasingly become an important part of Canadians’ health plan, yet there is still a lack of understanding of how this integrates with traditional methods. The Integrative Health & Nutrition campaign aims to bridge knowledge gaps on how Canadians can be proactive about their health and enhance their quality of life.

Protect your access to integrative health care

Complementary and Integrative Medicine: Why They’re at Risk and Why It Matters. Read about the personal experience of Cyrus Sadaghiani, Patient Advocate.

California Prunes: A Naturally Sweet Bone, Gut, and Heart Healthy Snack

A source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre, prunes boost your overall health and immune system.

How These Fresh and Tasty Meal Kits Can Unlock Your Inner Chef

HelloFresh makes cooking delicious dinners from scratch more fun, convenient, and delicious than ever before with its various meal kits.

Liquid Supplements Effortlessly Deliver Essential Nutrients

Wampole’s liquid vitamins and supplements help children and adults alike get what they need for optimal health.

Time to Release the Healer Within

With the right tools, you can learn to understand your body’s language and to be your own healer.

As a leader in whole-food, science-based, organic, and non-GMO nutrition, Garden of Life continues to proudly lead the way with cutting-edge probiotic formulas.

Changing the Narrative Around Psychedelics to Heal the World

MINDCURE is here to create Mental Wealth™, taking people from dependency and despair to hope and healing.

Human Touch Has the Power to Comfort and Ease Isolation, Bringing Us Closer Together

NIVEA Launches “Care For Human Touch” Campaign to Inspire Togetherness and Help Combat Shadow Pandemic of Loneliness.

Leading A Holistic Life: Emma Troupe’s Tips on Nutrition, Fitness, and Overall Wellness

Emma Troupe, a Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, taking about home workout routine during pandemic, diet, nutrition, mental health and overall wellness.

Emma Troupe
Emma Troupe is a Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Tips On Living an Integrative and Holistic Life With Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz gives his insight and tips on incorporating integrative health practices into your life.

Dr. Oz
This photo is courtesy of Dr. Oz.
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