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The Skin We’re In

sarah jeffery header revised
sarah jeffery header revised
Photo courtesy of Jenna Berman. Makeup artist: Min-Jee Mowat.

The ‘Skin We’re In’ campaign aims to help Canadians love their skin, no matter their insecurities, skin-tone, and skin-type. We hope to provide awareness for common & niche skin conditions and educate on the leading solutions and products to have healthy and beautiful hair & skin.

EltaMD Delivers Sun Care That is Also Luxurious Skin Care

Effective mineral-based sunscreen absorbs quickly, protects sensitive skin and fights the signs of aging.

Influencer Panel

The skin we’re in is ours to love and care for. Regardless of our skin concerns or skin types, there are many ways we can pamper our skin and bodies. These Canadian influencers share their skin tips and tricks for the summer.

Taking Care of Your Skin Is Not Only Important But Necessary

W Network’s Charmed star Sarah Jeffery opens up about her skin concerns and shares tips on her summer skincare routine.

Sun Safety Is Important Every Day and for All Bodies

When spending time outdoors – walking in the park, biking, hiking, or working outside, it’s important to protect your skin from sun damage.

Discover Game-Changing Hair Tools You Need For Healthy Hair

Whether you’re a content creator or practising every day care, hair health is important and the tools you use can prevent damage.

See a Dermatologist in Hours — Without Having to Leave Home

Maple provides 24/7 access to care by secure message, audio or video for all common conditions of the skin, hair and nails.

A Skin Care Product Line with Gentle and Irritant-Free Ingredients

Cliniderm’s skincare and haircare products contain gentle ingredients that support sensitive and reactive skin.

The Best Sunscreen Is the One You Want to Wear

Did you know that the best way to prevent skin from aging prematurely is to protect it from environmental aggressors? Skincare starts with sun protection.

Sensitive Skin? This Hand Sanitizer Has You Covered!

Hand sanitizer has been a vital tool in battling tough germs during the pandemic. Kalaya has the perfect product to keep your hands clean and your skin safe.

Prescription and Cortisone Free Way to Treat Eczema Flareups

Finding a suitable product to treat and maintain eczema-prone skin can be challenging. The Ducray Dexyane dermo cosmetic line offers a solution.

PsoIntimate: How psoriasis affects your intimate life

People living with psoriasis experience many challenges, including itchy and flaky skin, pain, fatigue and impacts on their mental health.

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